What’s New in 2.1

Shots Stack UI

Added a new manipulation mode for the shot clips: the keys of the camera and of the Storyboard Frames can now be offset when the clip is moved and scaled when a clip handle is manipulated with the modifier key Shift pressed.

  • Added an info component

  • Added a Preferences setting to make the shots stack starts at the specified lane

  • Set the first lane to 1 instead of 0 to see the keys of the Summary lane


  • Improvements on the Continuous Draw Mode

  • Revamped the UI of the Animated Frame Transformation to minimize UI ambiguities

  • Added shot name in the Render panel, near Current Shot label

  • Refactored the Duplicate Shot dialog box and added a checkbox for color variation

  • Added a button to set the time range to shot or take range in the Frame Range toolbar

  • Improved the Storyboard Frame Editing Mode button

  • Separated key mappings per category

  • Added a Preferences parameter to toggle the vertical arrows used to navigate from shot to shot

  • Made the up arrow go to next shots by default instead of previous ones

  • Added a key map for activating the draw mode on a current shot


  • Made the playblast temp directories different from the rendering directories

Bug fixes

See the change log on GitHub for an exhaustive list.

  • Fixed occasional bug in duplicate cameras and duplicate takes

  • Fixed rendering issues on Mac OS due to backslash character conflicts in path names:
    • Shot videos where not rendered

    • Playblast was all black

    • Open in File Explorer buttons were not working

Code and architecture

  • Improvement of the API code, samples and documentation