How to use in production

Shot Manager was designed by the production, for the production. It can be used from the scale of a simple scene to the one of a feature film, splited in many files.

Project settings

For large-scale productions it is important that each instance of Shot Manager, in every scene of every file, use the same settings, that those settings cannot be modified by mistake by a user and that they all come from the same source so that any change is propataged all over the production easily.

To do so Shot Manager has a notion of “Project”, in other words a set of settings covering the shot naming conventions, output resolution, file formats… All that can be also set by a production tool when a scene is opened for example.


Shot Manager also has its own API. This would allow you to integrate it into your pipeline, or to pilot it from another add-on, by calling functions that will not change even if the architecture of the add-on is modified for whatever reason.