Source code on GitHub

The source code of the whole add-on as well as some development notes are avalable here:
Shot Manager on GitHub

Other add-ons from Ubisoft

At Ubisoft we developed several other Blender add-ons that may also interest you a lot. They were designed to answer real production needs, they may well suit yours!

As this one they are free and open-source. Enjoy!

Stamp Info

Write scene information onto the rendered images.
In order to facilitate the installations, this tool has been completely integrated into Shot Manager 2.0. It still exists as a standalone add-on though.
Stamp Info on GitHub

Video Tracks

Add track headers to the channels of the Video Sequence Editor, as well as tools To navigate between markers.
This add-on is experimental and maintained intermittently.
Video Tracks on GitHub


Real-time collaboration between Blender users, enableling them to work together on the same data, on different computers.
This add-on is not maintained anymore.

Asset Bank

Manage asset banks and import or link 3D objects into Blender scenes.
This add-on is not maintained anymore.
Asset Bank on GitHub