Features and limitations


  • Creation of shots from scene cameras and of sequences from those shots

  • Non-linear real-time play of the sequences

  • Action and edit global retime

  • Global control on camera video backgrounds

  • Global control on camera sound backgrounds

  • Sequence batch rendering, with Eevee, Cycle and custom playblast

  • Edit file import and export based on OpenTimelineIO

  • Grease pencil sketching per shot (experimental)

  • Edit forth and back with VSE (experimental)



  • Shot Manager is not compatible with camera binding. Indeed the Shots Play Mode overrides the standant play mode and has its own way of changing the viewport camera. Good news is this mode is far more powerfull than the camera binding approach :)

    Use the convertion tools available in the Warning area of the add-on panel to convert the bound markers to shots.

  • Actions are not supported by the Retimer tool.